Advanced Handgun I Shooting – Mansfield, MA

Saturday, Jul 22, 2023

9:00am – 12:00pm

Advanced Handgun 1 will start promptly at 9AM and last until 12 noon.

An introduction to advanced shooting, this is for the beginner to intermediate shooter wanting to build skills. All range time, no classroom, and fast paced. Building muscle memory through repetitions, shooters can expect to fire approximately 250 rounds of ammunition. This is NOT a concealed carry class, please review the list of required gear. The majority of this course is focused on shooting at 21 feet or closer. Course is expected to last 3 hours long. Please arrive promptly at the listed time for a mandatory safety and gear check. No IWB or appendix holsters. A complete list or requirements and gear can be found here.

Instructors for this class will be Joe Morgan, his credentials can be viewed here.

Please dress appropriately and bring water and light snacks. You will be moving around during class, please wear supportive footwear. No open toe shoes or sandals.

Required Gear

  •      Outside Waist Band Holster
  •      Magazine Carrier
  •      250 Rounds of ammunition
  •      Handgun (medium or large framed)
  •      At least 3 magazines
  •      Eye & Ear Protection
  •      Water/Snacks

Topics Covered

  • Efficient Reloading
  • Balancing Speed/Accuracy
  • Addressing Multiple Targets
  • Grip, stance, breath control, sight alignment/picture
  • Point Shooting
  • Drawing from the holstered position

Required Gear

  • OWB Holster
  • Magazine Carrier
  • 250 Rounds of ammunition
  • Handgun (medium or large framed)
  • At least 3 magazines

Event Location

Mansfield Fish and Game
510 East Street
Mansfield, MA

Event Fees

Advanced Handgun 1
$ 125.00