LTC Training Sessions Will Unlock Your Full Potential

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, obtaining a License to Carry (LTC) is a requirement for individuals who wish to legally possess and carry firearms. To fulfill the prerequisites of an LTC, residents must complete specific training sessions that equip them with the knowledge and skills [...]

Handgun Training in Massachusetts is Required

Are you considering owning a handgun in Massachusetts? It's important to know that handgun training in Massachusetts is not just recommended—it's required. In this article, we'll explore why handgun training is mandatory in Massachusetts and how it benefits gun owners. So, let's dive in and [...]

Take a Basic Firearms Safety Course in MA

If you're considering owning a firearm or just want to learn more about firearm safety, taking a basic firearms safety course is an essential step. Massachusetts, known for its strict gun laws, offers a comprehensive and informative basic firearms safety course that covers all the [...]

LTC Training Sessions in Holbrook, MA

Are you a resident of Holbrook, MA or surrounding areas, who is considering owning a firearm for personal protection or recreational purposes? If so, it's crucial to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills through LTC (License to Carry) training sessions. These training sessions [...]

Experience the Thrill of a MA LTC Class with Live Fire

If you're looking to exercise your Second Amendment rights and carry a firearm in Massachusetts, you'll need to obtain a License to Carry (LTC). And while you can take an online course to fulfill the state's training requirement, there's nothing quite like the thrill of [...]

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